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Do I Have the Right MRI? What If My MRI Is “Clear”?

Watch this, then we will talk: http://www.facepain.us/linskey_should%20trigeminal%20neuralgia%20patients%20get%20neuroimaging.html You will all be told your child is too young, the MRI is clear, there is just no explanation for their TN, they will have to be on mind numbing medications maybe for the rest of their lives…… But did you hear what this video said? 100%. One … Continue reading

The Things I Wish I’d Known When My Child Was Diagnosed With TN, alternatively titled, “Do You Doctors Know ANYTHING?”

I’d say it’s the words we didn’t want to hear, the diagnosis we did not want.  But since none of us had probably ever heard of Trigeminal Neuralgia, your first reaction was likely, “Huh?” There is a dearth of information out there, especially good information and especially for pediatric patients with TN.  I feel the … Continue reading