TNKidsRock the News!

In a very last minute coordination, we were able to arrange a follow up interview with Eileen Frere of KABC news channel 7 this afternoon. Tracy and Ang were both there also, so the interview was with all three of our TN Kids!  To see the segment, check it out here.


We are SO THANKFUL to Eileen Frere for following our story since we first met the day before my girl’s 2nd MVD.  She has always been quick to do a follow up with us, and has been thankful right along with us to hear of the number of kids and adults who have found hope, and even another avenue of treatment, through this story.

If you find yourself at the page because of seeing the story, welcome!  Thank you for your interest in Pediatric Trigeminal Neuralgia.  This site is newly launched, and we are just populating it.  Keep checking back for new information.

If this story has touched you, and you want to DO something – here’s what you do:  Go to The Facial Pain Research Foundation and make a donation of any amount at all.  This is the only organization researching specifically for a cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia.  Michael Pasternak is not only the founder of the foundation, but also a TN patient himself, and a dear friend.  The foundation is 100% volunteer, and is funding 3 different research projects right now – not counting the one that is so promising it has now been picked up for funding by NIH.  If you make a donation and mention TNKidsRock, Michael will know it is because of our work and send us a note letting us know it happened.

If you are a TN Patient, welcome, and gentle hugs to your non-TN side.  We fight on along side you, and are working for a cure for all of us.  For more info on Facial Pain and TN, check out TNA – The Facial Pain Association, including upcoming conferences where you can not only meet others with TN, but hear leading medical professionals talk about their work in the field.

If you are here as the family of a pediatric TN patient… You are not alone.  I know it feels that way so much of the time.  Pediatric doctors usually have never seen a TN patient before, and you are all learning together.  There are many unique challenges you will face, and you have to think about treatment differently than an adult patient.  We want to be here to walk alongside you, share knowledge, and learn together.  You can contact us through  Hugs to you.

To all in the TN world, fight on.

~Meg, Ang, Tracy & Stacie

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