From the Doctors

Must-Listen 29 minute Podcast on TN. Seriously. Just do it.

This evening I listened to a 26 minute interview done by British Medical Journal’s Clinical Evidence, with Joanna Zakrzewska and Dr. Mark Linskey.  If you are trying to understand Trigeminal Neuralgia for yourself, your child, a patient, or someone you care about, I really believe this is a must listen.  This interview distills an amazing amount of information on Trigeminal Neuralgia into just 26 minutes.

Find it on the Facial Pain Association website <HERE>

Some of the topics covered are:  What is Trigeminal Neuralgia, most common medications, side effects of medications, issues with studying effectiveness of TN treatments, causes, surgical interventions including brief descriptions of each, impact on quality of life for TN patients, importance of accurate education of patients, importance of multidisciplinary approach to treatment, importance surgical consult for patients before patient is overwhelmed by the condition, weakness of MRs for diagnosis of TN, importance of TN patients connecting with other patients, special considerations for pediatric patients, choosing a neurosurgeon, and research being done.  (Phew!)

That is a LOT to cover in 26 minutes, and the doctors do fly through the information pretty quickly.  However it is pretty thorough and a great way to get the ‘short course’ in Trigeminal Neuralgia.

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